• Selected Company

  • Endeared Company

  • Highly Respected Company




  • Highest compliance Observation

  • Fastest Business Action/Response

  • Highest Productivity

  • Lowest Level of Complaints

  • Highest Level of Information Security




  • Do our best, fight out

  • Higher target, challenge

  • Focus on field, do not waver for solving

  • Self-responsibility, self devotion

  • Courtesy respected, humanity and justice rendered

  • Fair play devoted

  • Trust fellow, unite for winning



  • Financial Agency is, ‘The service sector industry which provides service to people which gives them the peace of mind.’ Financial Agency is aiming at ‘Accumulating the highest numbers of ‘Thanks’ in the world’ as it provides best and suitable services and impressions. We promise to provide services from the bottom of our hearts which will be appreciated by customers.

  • As an employee of Financial Agency, I can proudly say ‘I am serious towards customers’.

  • I shall build relationship with customers at my level best to achieve a lifetime customer. 

  • I shall always learn, regulate and grow myself in order to enable myself to provide the services which will satisfy the customers.

  • I will do anything and I will always keep updated myself to give better service which will be useful for customer.

  • I shall always make an effort to enable to meet the predictions of future requests of the customer and everything which will make customer happy.

  • To provide trustworthy and reliable service I shall always follow the principle of thorough security and confidentiality about personal as well as  company information and investments.

  • I understand the need of comfortable working environment to practice the fair and good Service. Therefore I shall strictly follow 5s (Arrangement,Tidiness,Cleaning,Cleanliness,Discipline).

  • We shall always respect each other and cooperate each other with full of our energy as good service gets created only by the united efforts of all the employees of company.

  • While resolving the customer problem, I will not only apologize but by understanding their trouble and by asking for the pardon,I shall resolve the problem and ensure the continuation of the relation.

  • I will always show my feeling of gratitude towards customer through my words and actions.




Customer, Business Partners, Employees and Families!



Financial Agency exists to make everyone happy those who gather